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About The Pumpkin Patch. Est 1967.

Celebrating 55+ years of family fun and farm fresh produce since 1967. We farm over 1000 acres on beautiful Sauvie Island.

Our Vision: to practice sustainable farming at home and abroad. And to offer fresh produce at farm-direct bulk prices.

The Pumpkin Patch is a third generation family wholesale, retail farm. We practice sustainable agriculture on Sauvie Island and sell our fresh produce through our island Market to your local grocery store. We are GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified.

Our produce grown and sold at the farm carries this certification as a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in pest and disease management, soil and water conservation, wildlife habitat biodiversity conservation, as well as safe & fair working conditions. We use many green energy practices on the farm, including our large solar array. 

Food safety is an integral part of our entire operation and is required for our wholesale operation. We are committed to producing safe products through the use of GAP procedures that are audited by the USDA on a yearly basis.

You'll find Pumpkin Patch produce in your local grocery store under our wholesale name "Delta Farms" and "Pumpkin Patch Inc."

Farmer Bob and wife, Kari Egger

Farming in Africa.

Our first trip to Africa as a family, with friends and farm staff was in 2013. Our goal? To plant seeds for a refugee community and school in Kageyo, Rwanda. The task was overwhelming, but the people incredible. There is joy in serving, planting gardens for orphan schools and poor communities.  The success of teaching farming in Rwanda has been phenomenal! Africa New Life has continued the vision and the practice of farming, providing the children in its care with much-needed vegetables in their diet. As a result, whole villages are seeing improved health, including eyesight, in its children. We have since traveled to Ethiopia, Uganda, and the South Sudan as well. We look forward to our trips and continue to support Africa New Life, as well as orphans and widows throughout Africa as part as our vision and giving back. Our children and even our elementary age granddaughter also support their own orphans!

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