Quality, Hand-Harvested Produce Direct from Sauvie Island, Oregon

All crops are hand-harvested and shipped fresh straight from the field to your commercial location. We are G.A.P. certified by the USDA. We are one of Portland's largest suppliers of Pumpkins! Need a semi-trailer load of pumpkins or squash?

This department of the farm only sells to commercial produce buyers and makes up 50% of our sales! Even in the midst of all the Pumpkin Patch has to offer, our wholesale name, "Delta Farms", has maintained its reputation for quality produce for over 50 years.


Wholesale Division of the Pumpkin Patch!

HOW TO ORDER: (Item prices will be listed as they become available)


1. Email your order to info@thepumpkinpatch.com

2. Please specify box & bin quantities and specific date for pick up. 

3. Pre-orders only (24 hour notice). Monday - Thursday only. (No weekend pickup available.)

4. $250 daily minimum order of produce required or minimum 1 bin. 


*8 bin minimum for pumpkin delivery in the Portland area. (Must have loading dock or forklift to unload bins)

* Prices and quantities subject to change.

WHOLESALE LIST and PRICES: TBA in the fall for 2022

(Daily $250 minimum required for produce as well as 24 hour notice)

Note: If you purchase bins you do not have to meet the minimum.



WINTER SQUASH......Single Variety Squash 24" Bin

                                A.  Delicata or Sweet Dumpling -

                                B.  Butternut, Carnival,, Kabocha, White Swan, Buttercup, Amber cup,  Gold Danish,                                           Gold Nugget, Baby Blue Hubbard, or Spaghetti - 

                                C. Stripetti, Sweet Mama, Sweet Meat, or Turban - 

                                D. Large Hubbard (Blue, Golden or Green) or Pink Banana - 

                                E. Green Danish - 


                                 F. Mixed Assorted Bin 24" Bin -  (An assortment minus Green Danish)  - 


                                             CLICK HERE To View Winter Squash Varieties

GHANA BASKETS....... click here & scroll down to "local vendor" to see prices & pickup instructions. 






Fall Decorative Items: ​​ 2022 TBA  |   Please do not order more than 2 weeks in advance. 


$250 minimum order (unless bins are purchased)

Cornstalk bundles - (10 bunches in a bundle) -

Haybales (minimum 5) - regular -   small 1/2 hay bales - 

Decorative Indian Corn (24 count) -   (minimum 3 boxes)


Small Specialty Pumpkins: ​ 

40 count box assortment = 

Pump-Ke-Mon Box (Striped)       

White Casparita Mini Pumpkins        

Orangita Mini Pumpkins                   

Wee B Littles                            

Midnight (black mini pumpkin)



Sold by the bin only. Does not need to meet the $250 minimum order. 


Jack-O-Lantern bins - 35-40ct (700 lbs +/- 50 lbs.) 36" bin -

Jack-O-Lantern bins - 25-35ct (500 lbs +/- 50 lbs.) 24" bin - 

Pie Pumpkins - 24" bin - (approx 125 count) - 

Specialty Pumpkins - Single Varieties (500 lbs +/- 50 lbs.) 24" bin - 

Specialty Pumpkin Mixed Bin - (500 lbs +/- 50 lbs.) 24" bin - 

CLICK HERE To View More Wholesale Pumpkin Varieties