U-Pick List:

Strawberries ~ Late May to mid June


Raspberries ~ June - July 


Blueberries ~ June -September

Marionberries ~ June - July


Blackberries (Thornless) ~ July-September

U-cut Flowers ~ Mid-August - September

Peaches ~ August.  Early Red Haven, Early Veteran, 

Suncrest, and Elberta. (In order of readiness)

Nectarines ~ August

tomatoes ~  September

Pumpkins ~ Late September & October​.

  Pumpkin Prices:





Specialty pumpkins also available!

U-Pick flowers: August, September and early October.
Enjoy a serene stroll through the colorful array of our flower field. Choose the beauty of a bright bouquet to impart cheer to a friend, a special occasion, or simply to your table at home or office.  Sold by the bouquet at $5.00 or $10.00 per bouquet, or by the bucket for just $12.00!



PETS: Oregon laws and USDA restrictions prohibit pets in our buildings and picking fields.  The Pumpkin Patch is USDA G.A.P. Certified!

Take a drive to the country. Enjoy the sunshine. Revel in the fruits of your labor by picking your

own fruits and vegetables to take home. And don't forget to bring your own picking containers! You'll save by bringing your own containers or use one from the farm for a nominal charge. 

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