Fresh picked daily


At The Pumpkin Patch we hand-harvest, wash and sort our pickling cucumbers daily during cucumber season. We hand sort and grade our pickles by the size to offer our customers quality cucumbers for pickling. 

We sort out the gherkins (small pickling cucumbers) and the giant pickling cucumbers (Jumbo's) to offer a consistent grade in our bags. 


Gherkins are the smallest grade pickling cucumbers. We have a limited availability on Gherkins due to their high demand. We offer gherkins in 10# bags. These bags can be reserved for same day pickup only.

Note: Weekdays we have more availability than weekends due to the high demand. 

We offer the following:

10# bags 

25# bags 

25# Jumbo bags 

10# Gherkin bags

Note: No reservations on pickling cucumbers. We only reserve Gherkins if you wish to purchase 100#+. 

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