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Cucumbers and Dill

The Pumpkin Patch Grown 

Pickling Cucumbers!

Done for the 2023 season.  
 Growing season varys every year depending on weather. 
Typically we have pickling cucumbers the entire month of August. 


Why Buy our Pickling Cucumbers?

 1. We grow 3 different fields every year to ensure that we have a good supply throughout the season. 
2. Picked Daily.
3. Hand picked & washed for quality assurance. 
4. Hand graded. Sorting out Jumbos (large cucumbers) & gherkins (small cucumbers). 

5. No reservations needed for 10# & 25# bags of pickling cucumbers.

At The Pumpkin Patch we hand-harvest, wash and sort our pickling cucumbers daily during cucumber season. We hand sort and grade our pickles by the size to offer our customers quality cucumbers for pickling. 

We sort out the gherkins (small pickling cucumbers) and the giant pickling cucumbers (Jumbo's) to offer a consistent grade in our bags. 


Gherkins are the smallest grade pickling cucumbers. We have a limited daily availability on Gherkins due to their high demand. We offer hand-sorted Gherkins in 10# bags.


 *Please call AFTER 10 AM to inquire about availability for same- day gherkins. For 2 or more bags of gherkins you must pre-pay to reserve for same day pickup.


We do take reservations for 100# or more of gherkins. 

No refunds on pre-paid gherkins. 

We offer the following: 

10# bags $20.99

25# bags $39.99

25# bags of 'Jumbo" cukes (when available). Price varies.

10# Gherkin bags  (Limited Daily Availability) *See note above.

Pickling Cucumbers Directions: Picked fresh.

Use these pickling directions after purchasing fresh cucumbers from our farm:

 Take out of plastic bag.


Use within 24 hours. 

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