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Raw Meat with Rosemary


All natural, grass fed Angus Beef. No hormones. No additives. Grass fed beef improves the quality of meat, and makes the beef richer in omega-3 fats. vitamin E, beta-carotene, and CLA. By supporting The Pumpkin Patch Cattle Company, you can ensure the quality of your beef. 


One Quarter Beef: weight range: 130-190 lbs. Average hanging weight estimate: 160 lbs.

One Half Beef: weight range: 260-380 lbs. Average hanging weight estimate: 320 lbs.

One Whole Beef: weight range: 520-760 lbs. Average hanging estimate: 640 lbs. 


Hanging weight: $5.50/lb (This payment is made to The Pumpkin Patch Cattle Company).

Slaughter fee: $25.00 (This payment is made to the butcher).

Customizable cut and wrap: 0.80 cents/lb (This payment is made to the butcher directly upon pickup).


We use Jacobmuhlen's meats - a family owned meat processing company that has proudly served local farmers, hunters, and customers in the urban and rural areas west of Portland, Oregon since 1932. The processing plant is modern, sanitary, and conveniently located in Cornelius, Oregon.


Step 1:

$100 deposit upon ordering (non-refundable).

We accept cash, check or credit card (Visa & Mastercard).

Step 2:

Customer pays The Pumpkin Patch Cattle Company

for hanging weight 

(we will call you with the hanging weight of the beef). 

Step 3:

Customer calls butcher to provide customized cutting and wrapping instructions.

Customer then pays the cut and wrap fee to the butcher directly when completed order is picked up.

Call (503)-936-8434 or email us at to reserve your beef today. 

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