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Cabbage Leaves

When is it ready?

Approximate Date of Crop Availability
Featuring all the crops grown on our farm annually!


All fruit available for U-Pick!

Strawberries: June
Raspberries: Early July
Blueberries: July-August 
Thornless Blackberries: Late July-August
Marionberries: July
Peaches: August
Flowers: August-September

U-Pick Pumpkins available daily through October. 


Corn: Late July-October
Beets: July-October
Tomatoes: October
Eggplant: Late September-Early October 
Cucumbers: End of July-August
Green Beans: July-August
Shell Beans: August
Walla Walla Sweet Onions: October 
Zucchini: July-October
Summer Squash Zucchini: August
Cabbage: July-October 
Broccoli: August-October
Cauliflower: August-October
Brussel Sprouts: October 
Kraut Cabbage: End of September-October 
Indian Corn: October 
Gourds: October 
Peppers (Medium, hot & bell): Septmeber-October
Winter Squash: October 
Pumpkins: October 

The following dates are just an estimate of availability based on average growing seasons. Growing conditions vary from year to year and are dependent upon favorable weather for normal harvest dates.  Call us for up-to-date crop availability at (503)621-3874. Or check our Facebook page, The Pumpkin Patch, Sauvie Island.
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