Quality, Hand-Harvested Produce Direct from Portland, Oregon

This department of the farm only sells to commercial produce buyers but, believe it or not, it makes up 60% of our sales! Even in the midst of all the Pumpkin Patch has to offer, our wholesale name, "Delta Farms", has maintained its reputation for quality produce for over 40 years. All crops are hand-harvested and shipped fresh straight from the field to your commercial location. We are GAP certified by the USDA and carry the Food Alliance seal of approval. We are one of Portland's largest suppliers of Pumpkins! Need a semi-trailer load of pumpkins or squash? Give us a call at the phone number below. Truck loads shipped F.O.B.

2016 Wholesale Availability Includes:
Green Beans - 15# boxes
Winter Squash - 40# boxes, 2/3 tote bin

Red & Green Cabbage - 50# boxes, tote bin
Danish Squash - 40# boxes, 2/3 tote bin
Zucchini - 25# boxes
Decorative Gourds - 15# boxes, bins
Sweet Corn - boxes, bins
Indian Corn - boxes, bins
Mini Indian Corn - boxes, bins
Pumpkins - by the bin, minimum 850#'s
Beets - bags
Carrots - bags

CLICK HERE To View Winter Squash Varieties

*Wholesale pricing includes only Pumpkin Patch grown produce. Minimums Apply. Pre-orders only. Commercial produce buyers can call us at 503-621-3671 for orders. Buyers can alternatively look us up in the Bluebook under "Delta Farms".