Africa! Our trips to bring farming to the poor...

OUR MISSION: Sustainable farming on Sauvie Island and in Africa!

We returned to Africa in February 2014 to plant gardens for orphan schools, to determine sustainable help for widows, to visit widows and orphans, and to help churches and the poor in Rwanda, Ethiopia and Uganda. You can see our latest photos and updates on Facebook.

Colton installing drip irrigation at the orphan school in Kageyo.

Our family, employees and friends have been greatly blessed to take our gifts and talents of farming and loving people to the third world countries thus far of Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda, and the South Sudan. The objective of these trips to Africa has been to bring farming to regions where there is a great need for sustainable farming to supply food for the hungry, nutrition to children, care for the widow and orphan, and an income in remote villages to help break the cycle of poverty. We have planted acres of vegetables for orphan schools in Rwanda including the towns of Kayonza, Bugesera, and Kageyo. We were thrilled to return for our 4th visit to see the African people planting more seeds and growing our original gardens. They are now using the knowledge we have 'planted' and have even purchased land for a model farm with money given from The Pumpkin Patch. We have also provided seed and personal instruction to planters in the South Sudan, Gojjo, Ethiopia, and Mbale, Uganda.

We are proud to partner with Champion Brothers Seed in providing seeds for the planting. We are also grateful to Africa New Life for the opportunity to plant food for the children in their schools in Rwanda. And we are thankful for the work of Petros Network in providing the opportunity to bring sustainable farming to unreached villages throughout Ethiopia and the South Sudan, and to help with the care of widows and orphans. Without your loyalty, our family and staff members could not fulfill our dream to use our talents of farming and teaching to help feed the poor and the hungry throughout Africa.

Our family with two of the seven children we sponsor in Rwanda.

Planting a new garden at the orphan school in Rwanda, complete with drip irrigation. A first!

With God's help and direction, we will continue to travel with our children, our family, our managers, and friends to teach, train, and plant. We believe in using our gifts, in sponsoring orphans and widows, in planting farms, in training life-long skills, in visiting the widow and the orphan in their distress, in doing the hard things that bring great reward to one's heart. We believe in helping the less fortunate at home and abroad in small and large ways, as each of us have the opportunity.

Thank you for loyalty. Thank you for your business for 40+years. Thank you for shopping locally, which helps globally.

Laying the first drip irrigation system in Rwanda!

Our team helped in constucting these organic keyhole gardens at the orphan school in Kageyo.

Our island friend, Ellen, sweeps the seed with a broom. Farmer's son, Colt, hoes with a primitive rake in the school garden.

Farmer Bob receives a gift from the children in an orphanage in Mbale, Uganda. It was like Christmas to our family visiting these precious children and their foster homes.
Thank you Petros Network!

Hiring daily laborers to prepare the field to plant at the school.
Most were hard-working women. The job will put food on their tables.

Africa New Life sponsored students at New Life Christian Academy in Kayonza, Rwanda
proudly displaying the harvest already begun from our planting in February 2014.